There are many ways to tell your husband you’re pregnant.

One of the most important moments in life is finding out that you are pregnant. It is a wild, mind-blowing and out-of-body experience. It’s the most important news in your life, and you can’t wait to share it with your partner who created this little human.

We surveyed our Motherly Mamas to find out how they shared their big news with their partners. We were able to get some creative and fun ideas that we want to share with you. If you are patient enough to say, “I’m pregnant!”

These are our top tips for telling your partner you are pregnant.

1. It’s the same with groceries

You can buy your regular groceries, but you can also get a set of diapers for newborns. Ask your partner to help you unload the bags once you return home. Then let him take out the diapers. One Mama stated, “It wasn’t the last bag. My husband took them out and asked me “What are they?” Then we both cried!”

2. Let your partner discover the truth

One Mama took the test, and then left it on the counter to be discovered by her husband. The patience! She stated, “I was expecting it to be negative but surprise! It was, in fact, my first pregnancy! It was all over his face, he didn’t have to say anything!

3. Multiple tests are a good idea.

One Mama stated, “I ran downstairs with 6 positive tests and said that these prove I am pregnant, but it is not true!”

4. Wake them up with the wonderful news

One mom said that she woke up in middle of the night knowing she was pregnant. Her period hadn’t yet begun. It was positive so I did a pregnancy test. I grabbed my husband by the throat and shoved the test in his face. “I couldn’t wait!”

5. You’ve got (very special) mail

You can buy a book about being a father like Dad is Fat by Jim Gaffigan or your favorite Dr. Seuss novel and put it in your mailbox so your partner will find it when they return home.

6. It’s …… on their dinner plates!

Put “I’m pregnant!” on the plate, and bake it at 350 for about 10 to 15 minutes. Place the secret message on top of his dinner and watch his surprise expression when he finishes eating.

7. Gift them something special

These custom baby onesies are a favorite of ours, and we think they would be a great gift for your baby’s dad-to-be. This one will arrive in a few days, so consider whether it’s worth the wait.

8. Leave clues around the house

You can scatter a few baby magazines, pacifiers or name books around your house by buying a few pregnancy magazines. Although it may take your partner a while to put everything together, it will be well worth it.

9. Cook a “baby-themed” dinner

Baby back ribs and baby potatoes are just a few of the many delicious options. Ask him to guess the theme of your dinner menu after you have sat down.

10. Sweet treats and sympathy weight gain

You can bake, buy, or bake cookies, brownies, brownies, and then tell your friend that you thought it would be nice if he gained a few more pounds in the next nine months.

Are you still waiting for a baby? The New Baby Wishes has some sweet ways to greet your baby!

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